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New From Blackwatch Racing Single-Adjustable Penskes at an Incredible price!

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Finally, they're done! :clap:

We've been working on these most of the fall. Blackwatch Racing has its single-adjustable shock for the Elise and Exige! Whether you want it for the simplicity or because the rules require it, we’ve poured all of our experience and hard-earned lessons into these Single Adjustable shocks.

The same top quality hardware our double adjustabless using the 45mm piston, 2.25" ID springs from either Hyperco or Eibach, our custom, track-proven valving with one adjustment: Stiffer or Softer.

Penskes have fantastic adjusters with great linearity and repeatability. They are the pinnacle of consistency and control.

I could go into the awesomeness of Penskes at length, but let's just look at the customer list: F1(All but 2 F1 TEAMS BTW), Indycar, Nascar, MotoGP, Australian Supercar, LeMans, and on a lesser level, our 5 solo national championships were won exclusively Penske's.

Using the Double Adjustable version of these shocks, Alex drove 900 miles in a weekend (on the the stiffer 550F/800R springs), set Top Time of the day at a local autox ON STREET TIRES, and drove home. BAM!

The singles were an entirely different challenge. We decided to have the single adjuster control compression and rebound simultaneously. The result is a shock with fantastic sensitivity and control, a huge range, and capable of a very supple ride. Just got finished final testing of the cruise settings and you could drive this car all day on the stiff springs.

We designed these shocks to have enough range to handle very stiff springs, sticky rubber, but then dial back to plush street settings. Even on the street settings you still have great platform and wheel control. You can make the car "floaty" but you don't have to to get a great ride!

We’ll have more detail in the next week or so, but because the prices go up January 1 we're going to do an introductory buy on these shocks with springs for the Elise & Exige.

Normal pricing before next year’s increase is $2995. This includes all hardware, springs, adjustment tool, instructions, tuning guide, everything you need. However, we’ll knock off $100 the first 5 sets!

That’s $2895 including your choice of springs. Standard we have 500F 700R for the dual purpose car and 550F 800R for the Track Focused car. For an extra $100 we’ll get you whatever rates you like from the Eibach or Hyperco Catalog!

Have a better performing car on the track:shift: provides confidence to the driver:coolnana: and get a better riding car on the street at the same time.:nanner2:


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Are these comparable to Nitron single Race Pro or just the standard Nitron singles?

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You asked this question about the doubles! :) I know you live life 1/4 mile at a time, but remember even mustang guys know the importance of adjustable shocks for hooking up at the line. However, I weighed an LSS front and Rear vs the Penske front and Rear with a custom set of rates stiffer than our 550F/800R setup(i.e. the heaviest possible option.)

The Penskes are 3 oz lighter each in front and same in the rear! Why? It seems strange given the thin little shafts, bodies, and shims on the stockers. Lotus needed to hit a price point so that sacrificed bigger shafts and bodies which on the Penskes allow more oil displacement and thus more control. However the bodies are steel vs. 6061 Aluminum on the Penskes, which equal a big weight savings.

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Shay, that's a good question. Neither of the Nitrons is in the same zip code quality and materials-wise compared to the Penskes, though the Pro Race uses a bigger shaft and body like the Penskes.

The quality comes from 2 places. First are R&D and applying that R&D to lessons learned on the track. As I've mentioned before Penske is in F1, MotoGP, Indycar, Nascar, and about every form of Motorsport known to man. I learned recently they are on ALL the fast F1 teams. At SEMA I saw a cutaway of their F1 inerter shock. This is tech they licensed from Cambridge university. Their guys are at the track on nearly every race weekend doing trackside support making cars faster. Leveraging that knowledge has been hugely helpful in developing our shocks to be fast, easy to drive, drama free, and ride well with high spring rates.

The second part of their secret is maniacal control of the manufacturing. The materials and controls are nuts. Their shims are a specific alloy and laser cut for accuracy. Hence a shim of which there might be 40 in a shock are up to $3 each! Their piston designs are patented CFD designed and tested. Hell, their wiper on the shaft that is designed to keep the dirt out and the oil in a special material to reduce stiction/friction is a $40 part.

Net result are shocks that are so consistent. You can get dyno plots to lay on top of each other all day. In fact, the Penske guys are contracted with NASCAR to provide 200 SETS of shocks for Daytona with all of them within 1% of each other!

Ultimately it is like comparing the Elise to a Honda Del Sol and saying they are both targa top roadsters.... :) I hope that helps!

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We're going to do our last order at 2013 prices and are going to throw out a killer deal to help us turn it over. Its really simple:

Order anytime before tomorrow at 6pm MST and save $200 on our New Penske Single Adjustable Shock/Spring package or save $300 on the Double Adjustables. Next year the prices go up. Start early getting your Lotus ready for the street or track and save some big bucks.

Penske Lotus Elise Exige single adjustable BWR spec

Penske Lotus Elise Exige double adjustable BWR spec

For more info on the Singles read this thread. For more info on the Doubles go here:

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Will you offer rebuild services like Nitron/S111 does? If so, what's the cost for a full rebuild for all 4 corners

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Yes, of course. Standard rebuild inspects, changes fluid, replaces normal wear items such as o rings, seals etc. Re-presurizes with nitrogen and dyno check before and after. Usually $75-$100/ corner.

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Copy from the DarkSol's review of Single-Adjustables in the new Non-Adjustable Group-Buy thread..... Thanks for the kind words DS!

So I bought the Penske single adjustable shocks from @fzust Fred/BWR last fall and (finally) installed them on New Year's Day... the whole "operation" took less than two hours...

All I have to say is OMG!!!

Originally the car came with the LSS sport suspension option and after nine years I thought they were pretty good shock/spring combination. WRONG!

I set them up as Fred suggested at 20 clicks from full hard (FFH) front and 40 clicks FFH rear. That along with TurboPhil's ride height recommendation of 120mm front, 130mm rear turned out to be perfect.

Here's how my inaugural drive down my favorite switchbacks went... it's 2.5 miles each way. 15 - 35 mph speed zone throughout. It's the closest thing we have to Phoenix's Hwy 88 here in Kansas... 18 turns ranging from 30 degree sweepers to a 140 degree mini-hairpin...

In nice warm Summer weather I could drive it 25 - 50 mph with either plow understeer or sliding oversteer limiting me with my all season street General UHP's.

So it's January in Kansas and an uber chilly 18 Fahrenheit degrees... AND I drove the exact same route in the Penske's at 35 - 70 mph with absolutely no drama whatsoever. It's like my tires suddenly have grip. So much confidence... SO much corner exit rear weight transfer and stability!

I also drove over three sets of railroad tracks on the way to the road. Couldn't barely even feel them.

Summary: Best money I've ever spent on the car, hands down.

I know I CAN change front/rear [rebound/compression] settings but right now I'm still lavishing in rambling OMFGitis... Perhaps I should have held out for this new non-adjustable configuration...


David Thomas Stewart - [email protected]
2005 Graphite Grey Lotus Elise + BOE Rev400
DragTimes: 410hp 1734lbs. 11.477 @ 123.59 mph

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New customer review for our SA Penskes, this time across the pond in Belgium. Yes, this based on his track day at Spa! (Jealous!)

Copied without edit, with blessing of our customer, Jan C.
Fred ,

1 word for the BWR Penskes : fantastic !!

I ran them on track ( Zolder today )

Front : 9 clicks from FFH
Rear : 34 clicks from FFH

Tyres : Avon zzr semi slick .

They give so much confidence and the balance is perfect and no diving either anymore , even supercharged exiges with 60 Bhp more were not even able to cope with it .

Took the head mechanic from the Lotus dealer also out for a spin and he was also quite impressed .

Nitron ? What ' s Nitron ...

Thx for the good job and take care ,

Jan C.
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