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New GA Lotus Dealer???

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I was thinking of driving to Gwinnett, GA from my home in Athens to confirm this, but I thought I would ask you all first.

Anyways, so last night I was at a friends house when her father pulled up in a new RX-8. We were talking about his car and he said that he heard I was getting a Lotus. He said he saw a Lotus dealer in Gwinnett - near the infinity dealer and there was a red Elise parked out front. He claimed there was not many cars at all there; possibly 1 Esprit. He also said that he talked to a salesman and that the salesman told him that orders could be placed at this dealer.

Of course my jaw dropped because I thought there was only 1 Lotus dealer in GA - Lotus of Atlanta. So I started spewing out questions and he couldn't really answer any of them.

Do any of you guys know about this dealer? Is it the new Lotus Headquarters that I have heard you talking about - and not an actual dealer? If this is a dealer, are the allocations going to be split with LOA? Is that a federal spec car there? Is it one of the demos? Hopefully some of you know about this place - and I hope I shouldn't be worried about my allocation.

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Paul Spruell is the dealer in Lawerenceville, GA. I don't know if he taking deposits or not. Last summer I saw an elise near the North Ga Premium Outlets (hwy 400 and 53). I caught up to the 2 young guys driving and gave them the thumps up. I called Paul Spruell and they told me it was a demo and probable one of his kids driving the elise. The only dealer I know of is Lotus of Atlanta on Roswell Road, also known as The Bimmer Store. I think Mr. Spruell might have sold his interest to Lotus of Atlanta. If we have another dealer taking deposits let me know. Current leasee of an 180TTRoadster.
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