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New guy - shopping for Elise!

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Hi all,

I've been browsing the forums for a bit and just wanted to say hi. :bow:

I do not own a Lotus car as of yet, but I have been exploring for sale ones in SoCal. I currently drive an 04' RX8, and love the car, but think it's time for a change. I wanted to know what people on the board feel about the transition from my car to an Elise.

I've been in an Elise before, and absolutely loved it, even though I bumped my head getting out (I'm 5'8", so I dunno how you taller people do it, probably a technique of contorting your body haha). My friend in the east coast owns an Elise, and I'll be traveling there end of month to visit and take it for a spin :)

Anyhoo, I'll probably post up my car for sale after I take some more pics. I'm also selling my 2000 CBR 929 as well to help my funds towards an Elise.

Thanks all! Here are some pics of my car and bike (some mods have been done to the car since these pics):

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I currently have an RX8 (2007 Sunlight Silver), Lotus Elise, and I'm 5'8" so I can answer your questions =D

From my experience so far, they are very different driving experiences. I used to think my RX8 Steering was very precise and stiff. After driving in the elise though, the power steering on the RX8 makes me feel like I'm driving some kind of SUV. Getting in and out just takes some practice.

I keep the RX8 around as my daily driver and for inclement weather. It's sometimes nice to have some luxury comforts that you can't get in the elise. I'd definately keep the RX8 if you have the chance.
Welcome to Lotus talk. I have a RX-8 and a Elise they are as different as it gets.
The ride and the stereo in the RX is a lot better than the Elise, but that's it everything else
about the Elise is better. Get the Lotus you will not regret it, but you may regret
selling your bike. :(
I had an RX-8 a few years ago. I thought it handled OK but the lack of torque and poor mileage made getting rid of it an easy decision. I don't miss it.
There was a Z4 between the RX-8 and Elise, each has been a big step up in driving dynamics. I recall driving the mazda after having the Z4 for a few weeks, and it felt disconnected and soft.
After the Z4 I was planning on getting the M Coupe, but instead for about the same money got a 2005 Elise and a 2000 E320. That way I can have the luxury AND the performance, just not at the same time :)
Thanks for the feedback guys! Tejs, yeah my buddy is 6" and says the same thing, takes some practice. As for keeping the 8, I don't think I can justify having 2 cars, let alone paying for another car loan. I really do not drive during the weekdays (walk to work thank god). So it'll more or less be my fun car during the weekends.

Buell, yeah the bike is up for sale, but I may go back to a twin afterwards. I 929 is a great bike, but I like the twin's torque and low-end grunt (Previous bike was a TL1000R). Uber...thanks for that good insight!
Yeah I have had a lot of bikes and V-Twins are just more fun.
Elise as an only car is tough, good luck!
Thanks for the feedback guys! Tejs, yeah my buddy is 6"
:eek: WOW! that's short!... Reminds me of that joke about the 12 inch pianist. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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