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New guy with an old Esprit from LA

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Hi everybody. This is my first post to LotusTalk, thanks for having me.

About a week ago I took delivery on a bit of a barn find: 1989 Turbo Esprit (non-SE). 60k miles, mechanically sound but in bad need of a paint job and some love after sitting unused for 11 years. I've gone through the car, replaced everything I could think of and it's running really nicely. All the electrics work and everything seems like it's in pretty good shape... and it's not currently on fire, so that's good. But I will need to sort some things out and definitely need a qualified mechanic. SO...

I'm in Los Angeles. Where do I take this beast when it needs proper work??

I also have some other questions, but I'll post those in the Esprit section.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.

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When I was looking at buying an Esprit, before I bought an Exige S, I was pointed in the direction of Prepared by Claudius as a good shop who specialise in older Lotus.

I used them for a PPI and was very impressed with the thoroughness of their inspection and backed out of the purchase based on the report.

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