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New Here And Just Got An 05 Elise

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Hi Everyone,

I just traded in my 09 Saturn Sky which I've had for about 5 months for a 05 Elise with 6000 on it. I've loved Lotus for a long time and with all of the crazy GM news, it was time. This car is just awesome.

I work online so you know I'm a big believer in Forums. You guys will be my guide as a learn this car so I hope you don't mind. I'll be here often.

The original owner took great care of this car and really did a good job at picking audio components for it. JL AMPs and Speakers all the way around AND a JL 12 that is as factory looking as you can get.

I hope to meet some of you Orlando owners as soon as possible.
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Nice Elise, I just got a 2005 also ( chrome orange ) -and I had it down to 'tail of the dragon 'for four days of spirited driving -fantastic. This car has blown away my expectations on these roads in and around NW N .C. -(I have logged many miles here in another great handling car, and what the Lotus can do in third gear is awesom!) Enjoy!
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