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what is going on everyone. I am new to the lotus world. Went and test drove a friends and absolutely loved the car. I am not new to cars by any means. I've been into the car scene since about 2003 when i bought my first real performance car. a 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. I still own the car and currently trying to sell it to help purchase the elise/exige which i am hoping to buy soon.

little bit about my subaru.

the car currently makes ~560whp on 93 octane @ 23psi of boost with no other power adders such as methanol or anything else. The car is fully built. When i say fully built i mean everything. T67 turbo, aftermarket gearset for the transmission, LSD's front and rear, upgraded axles, AEM stand alone EMS, 1200cc injectors. The car is a blast to drive but is more of a strait line vehicle now. I am tired of the drag racing scene and wanting to get back into fun backroads and things of that nature. I live near Deals Gap *The Dragon* and wanting to get a lotus to take up there and have some fun.

I guess my plans are to find a lotus elise *05-07 model* and put a supercharger on it, or even a small turbocharger and make around the 280whp mark. I have been doing some reading on here and it seems that is fairly easy to do with certain superchargers and they are still very reliable.

well, any help or hints would be appreciated.

thanks for reading

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