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New here looking for Exige

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Hi all I am new and looking for an exige. Can some one tell me the main differences between the 07 240s, 08 240s, 260s and the 08 cup car? Is the cup legal for the street? I know the cup is lighter but which car has the cf spoiler, int trim etc? What kind of whp can these cars make with the sc and what upgrades are needed for the power (300-400whp). I have a frined who just got back his noble which makes some 620whp and weighs 2400lbs and I can say it is the fastest car I have been in. Has anyone built a turbo exige with 450-500whp, built motor etc? What are the weak parts on the car? What are must have options and where is the best place to buy one. I have seen a new cup for 67k, new 240s for 50k and have not seen any deals on the 260s. thanks for all the help and feel free to email me as well with any info. [email protected]
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