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Hi Guys,

I've been pointed in this direction by a friend as I'm thinking about picking up a 2012 Lotus Elise CR here in Singapore. So far I've only driven a 2008 Elise S, back in Australia, which had the 1.8L base Toyota engine and recently drove the new Elise CR. I'm told the new 1.6L engine has the same peak power output but it feels quite dead in the mid-range compared to the older engine.

So before I commit to buying the car, I wanted to see what kind of mods you could do to the engine to make it seem a bit more willing to rev and more lively in general. I was thinking a lighter flywheel and maybe some intake/exhaust + tuning would help out here. Problem is, I have no idea where to start looking! I would usually go to the US forums, like I have for all my previous cars, to get ideas. Although, as far as I can work out they didn't receive the 1.6L model.

So if anyone could point me at some reputable shops here and some good websites for reading up that would be much appreciated!

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