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Just acquired a beautiful 2014 Evora S with only 3,500 miles. I've got a couple of questions for you all.

1) It has the cracked A-Piller that seems pretty common, I searched and found some old posts about replacing that, but they are years old. Is there a current solution or recommendation for fixing this?

2) It has the full leather package, and my understanding is that some Evora's leather couldn't handle being out in the hot very much and would shrink, etc... is that an issue with the 2014's as well? What's the best practice to avoid a problem?

3) The driver side window doesn't push up and close as well as the passenger side window does. I'm assuming I can pay a dealer to look at that and fix it, anyone else had any issues with something like that?

4) One of my keys for it has lost its little yellow Lotus button... any place to buy a replacement button thingy?

Outside of that, and missing ALL of the little valve stem caps on the wheels/tires, this car looks, feels, and smells brand new. I'm loving it and planning to daily drive it as much as possible and I look forward to learning from all of you and contributing to this forum.


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