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New Here...Some Questions.

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What's up guys I am thinking about getting an 05 elise, and was curious about a couple things:

What is the total cost on average with the different packages?

how long is the waiting list?

I appreciate your feedback.
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I think mine came to $47,000 with standard paint, hardtop and LSS. The other with standard paint, and no options came in at $44,000 with taxes.

The lists are pretty long at this point. I think you're looking at 2005 delivery for most dealerships.

A search of this site will probably answer quite a few of your questions as we've all hashed and rehashed here.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard,
Another thing you might want to consider is looking around to who has a shorter list around the country. However, we are still speculating if each dealer will be allocated the same number or if the allocations will be based on volume/geographic area.

My car with Lifestyle paint (premium colors), touring package and hardtop cam to $44k and change. I have been on the waiting list for over 2 years (position #1 at my dealer). The average waiting list is about 75 at this point with the first 10 cars expected in May or June. At a rate of +/- 8 cars each month thee after, your wait will likely mean you will be getting a car early to mid 2005. Expect a MSRP increase from the current 39,895 and watch for new options like delete packages and changes in lifestyle colors.
Here's a site with the Elise options:

As for wait time, I think you may have to call around to see how long is the waiting list.
Thanks for the info guys! My dealer is up to 80 people already and claims deliveries begin late April early May, They actually have a magnetic blue on site that was brought down for the Superbowl, I am going to look at it this afternoon on my way home.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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