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Hi all, it took a while but I finally picked up a 2007 Elise last week. I had a deposit to buy a 2005 Elise back in 2004 but chickened out at the last minute, so this purchase has been a long time coming. I'm enjoying the new car though it has had a couple bumps, the biggest being the occasional grind I get into third. Haven't driven it enough to figure out if it's only under certain conditions, fortunately I'm under warranty until next June so I'm hoping I can get it sorted out. Only 2800 miles on it when I picked it up. :)


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My 05 had the same issue at 7500mls, changed trans oil to Redline MT90, made the whole gearbox smoother. Still shifts perfect at 47K. or just let Lotus fix it under warranty.
I've had similiar issues in other cars, changing the trans oil definitely resolved the issue. From what I've read here it doesn't look like Lotus is doing that to address this issue? Seems like an easy step before replacing the entire transmission. I can drive around it until winter, then they can do whatever they want to it. :)
Welcome to the Northeast crew. Glad to have another Lotus in the neighborhood. Enjoy!
I'd say Welcome, but your join date is in 2003 :eek:

Congratulations on finally getting one!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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