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Hi there, Joined a few weeks ago from Australia. My father has a 06 Exige S and we do some 1000m racing and gymkhanas when we can......

we love the exige and are doing some mods to it in prep for our next 1000m event in April.

Lsd, exhaust, gearbox mods, gear cable mods and re-tune.... [LOTU5XIGS]


should be good hoping to go under 23sec for standing 1000m this year and crack 240km (150mph) .

should be good fun... lsd will make a huge difference as at our last khana we really struggled with getting power down in the tight stuff and had to back off a lot. Although only got beaten by clubman and a MX5 with v8 in it... so cant complain too much...

later...... dmanvan
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