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Hello everybody.

I recently purchased a 2017 Evora and I cannot be happier. The car is Anthracite with a black interior and a manual transmission. I purchased the car gently used from Park Place Motors near Seattle. This is a very impressive dealership with hundreds of exotic sports cars inside. I bought the car over the phone without even driving an Evora. Last year I was riding my motorcycle up in the mountains when I saw my first Evora. I was hard pressed to keep up with the car and I was immediately impressed. I spoke with the owner and learned some more about the car. I viewed numerous Youtube videos and reviews before actively searching for a car. Then, I came across a video by Matt Farah of "" and this sealed my fate. I echoed his comment, "Man, where has this car been all my life?"

I've been fortunate to have been able to drive a number of high performance cars in my life. This Evora with regards to handling, ranks very near the top of any car I have driven. Luckily, the West Coast Lotus meet was held in my hometown of Folsom and I was able to meet some really great Lotus enthusiasts. I look forward to learning more about this car. In my previous life, I was a loudspeaker engineer specializing in acoustics. I will share my thoughts and progress on updating the stock Evora stereo. With some electronic tuning, the sound can dramatically be improved even with the stock components. Speakers and amplifiers will need to be updated for best results. Stay tuned. Cheers, Glenn


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