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New member, getting an Evora 400

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I'm Floc, 32 years old from France.
I should get myself an Evora 400 soon, manual transmission!

My sports car history is pretty short. I started this journey with a lovely Mazda MX5 RF 2.0 (186hp), I loved this car so much, it was fun, nibble and exciting! I also spent a lot of time (and money) customizing it.
Then I sold it to buy a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 2.5 PDK 2019 (365hp), I swore to myself I would get a Porsche in my life, the Cayman was my dream car for many years so I did it. And I took a PDK because the MT is very rare on the GTS models and I wanted to experience an automatic transmission in my life (always had MT before) and what is better than a PDK to experience it?

And here we are, I love my Porsche as a daily driver, it's practical, comfortable, I go on holiday with it, it's fantastic on many levels and so fast! But I lost all the fun I had with the MX5. In order to feel the thrill of driving in my Porsche I need to be at the limit and the limit of this car is way too high for public roads.
The Porsche doesn't have the same "antidote" effect, if I feel down I can't go drive on some back roads to change my mind like I used to. And I lost a lot of "connexion" with the car with the PDK (as great as it is).

That's why I'm now selling my Porsche to replace it with an Evora 400.
I test drove a lemon Evora S converted to a 400 that was for sale. And OMG, I had a huge smile the whole drive, this was amazing (and it's a lemon), I love the sensations, the road feel, the steering wheel feel, the suspension setup is comfy to me and the sound is... Wow!

So here I am! I'm in the selling and searching phase but I already have a huge list of modifications I want to make to my Evora so it become the perfect and most beautiful Evora to my eyes :love:

See you soon on this forum!
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A few photos of my previous cars.

The MX5

The 718 Cayman GTS

For more photos, you can look at my Instagram account: @floc.rf
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Welcome to LT Floc! Be sure to check out the Evora buying guide in the Evora forum. GLWS!
I love Miata's- it's the only car as fun as an Evora. And it looks well spec'd - I can see why you miss it. I hope you find your Lotus soon...
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