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A little about me :smile2: The lotus elise was my dream car in high school. I graduated in 2009 but then college came followed by graduate school and eventually the never ending loans accumulated.

I currently own a 2018 honda civic and its paid off and I was looking at getting a lotus elise. I actually wanna DAILY DRIVE this. My job is 10 miles round trip and theres no severe stop and go traffic. I am also 15 miles from newport beach so I really want to do some fun drives during the weekend.

For me the most important thing is finding a care that has not been modified for track and that is stock. Low miles preferred. Clean title is a must.

I have found some potential listings but they all sell 1-2 days before I find them. The most recent one I have found is in montana. 06 lotus 11k miles, 2 owners and 39k. To me 39k seems a lot but it is really taken care of. The listing is on car gurus. I dont know if its allowed to attach the link. Any help is welcomed.

The reason i decided to buy a lotus is because they are gorgeous and although most people dont daily drive them I think that my situation allows me to. I am finally financially stable to be able to afford any repairs and maintenance without crying about having money to make the end of the month.

It amazes me how helpful some people are to point "newbies" in the right direction. Truly does feel like a family. :grin2:
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