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New Member - New Europa JPS owner

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Hi guys,

Just a quick post to say hi as I am new to the forum, and to ask for some advice.

My father recently passed away and left me his treasured Europa JPS, owned by him since 1978.

The car is a JPS, with the badge on the dash and is currently off being completely restored back to it's former glory. I can't wait for it to be finished!

Anyway, the car currently has Wolfrace Slot Mags on which I am intending to replace with the original Brand Lotus wheels - which came thrown in with the car when my dad purchased it those years ago (even have the original 40 year old rubber on!).

Obviously, they need refurbishing, but I found yesterday that one of the wheels has had the stud holes widened - presumably by the previous owner to use on another car?! What a plonker!

I was therefore wondering on all your opinions on what to do about this. I know that it is possible to fill the elongated stud holes with weld and re-drill, but I am very conscious of what the heat required to do this would do to the structural integrity of the wheel etc.

Do you guys have any ideas on what to do? Am I better off trying to buy a second hand single wheel to replace the damaged one? If so, anyone have any idea where I could look? I don't want to buy a brand new replica etc unless I have to, to avoid mismatches with the other 3 perfectly good wheels when they are refurbished.

Thanks in advance, love the forum already!!
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Welcome, JPS!

To add to what 4380r said, I would strongly advise you to also join the lotuseuropa yahoo group. It's probably the largest concentration of Europa owners on the web.

As for your wheels, if you're in the states, you might check with Dave Bean. He used to sell new reproductions - in fact they looked VERY similar to those a Banks.

One thing to consider is that 13" tires are getting harder to find so you might consider converting to 15" wheels. Banks has some r.d. enterprises sells Panasport wheels. He doesn't list 15" sizes but he might be able to get them. Same story with Dave Bean. You might also try the manufacturers themselves. Panasport ( Minilite (MiniliteWheels USA Distribution) are obvious choices. Their wheels are also have similar styling. You might also frequent Brit car parts places like Moss Motors, or Victoria British. Your first stop might be to ask at the lotuseuropa yahoo group as there may be other options you might prefer. Something you might want to consider is getting wheels that take a tapered lug nut. Some whiles have tapered inserts in the holes for those nuts and to my way of thinking, that is superior to the style Lotus used - as you found out, the holes can get wallowed out.

If you want to stay with the original wheels, a machine shop can probably sleeve the holes.

Good luck and post some pictures of your car when you get it back.
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Yes, there is a lot of legend concerning JPS Europas. I think 4380r conveyed about all I know about the subject. Here is a link to an article about JPS Europas on Lotus Europa Central (

My first Europa was a '73 Special Federal 4 speed and on the 'B' pillar, there was a JPS sticker (which was certainly something the dealer did). The car was white with the gold pinstripes (similar to the picture I've attached). This sort of thing may have been the genesis of the theory that not all JPS Europas were black. Mine was certainly not a JPS as that was the only evidence of anything JPS about it.

Having the dash plaque is pretty much the only determining feature I know of and as 4380r says, they were likely attached at a dealer.

As for overheating, a lot depends on where you're driving and the condition of the radiator. I had heard of them being filled with some sort of sediment (but not seen it). Mine never got too hot, even in New Orleans, but it would get warm. I do remember reading somewhere to rev the motor a bit if it gets warm so you pump more water through the radiator. I think that was an official Lotus document but it may have been somebody at the Lotus distributor (it was a LONG time ago).

Your wheel looks pretty bad. I have a set from my car that are about 12K miles old but probably could stand to be repainted. I would certainly entertain offers, but I think you would be served to start looking for 15" wheels (that is what I have on my car in the picture).


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Original Wheels are the way to go. Your wheel does look pretty bad but I'm sure you'll be able to find a replacement or find someone to fix it if possible. You'll have a blast driving her once the restoration is over, I know I did when I first drove mine after it was finished.
Hey Kid,

I agree that the Lotus Brand wheels are one of the best looking alloy wheels there is, but I still think 13" tires are hard to get and won't get any easier. They will always be made but they will just be more of a pain to get (now, if someone would just make a 15" version!). Actually, I don't think it will be too long before even 15" tires will be harder to find, but I think that will be a few years away.

Enjoy them while you have them! They look great on the car!
I was considering them for my car, as they can be had in the proper sizes.

I was warned off of them for street use as their grip comes on when heated up, and for street use they really don't get to temp. Don't know if they person knew what he was talking about, but I wound up getting something else.

BUT...there is another guy on here who has them on his Europa and he's quite happy with them.
They look like they would be diabolical in the rain. I can believe they are better when they heat up but I would think they are probably pretty good as long as it's dry. They would probably be good for autocrossing.

What sort of mileage do you get with them?

I don't have any recent information, but when the cars were new with the Dunlop tires, the front tires lasted for 60,000 miles (which was forever in the mid seventies) and the rear ones would last for 20,000.
Very nicely done! When you posted that Banks did a lot of the work, I new it was going to be good! She's a peach! Congratulations!
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