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New Member - New Europa JPS owner

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Hi guys,

Just a quick post to say hi as I am new to the forum, and to ask for some advice.

My father recently passed away and left me his treasured Europa JPS, owned by him since 1978.

The car is a JPS, with the badge on the dash and is currently off being completely restored back to it's former glory. I can't wait for it to be finished!

Anyway, the car currently has Wolfrace Slot Mags on which I am intending to replace with the original Brand Lotus wheels - which came thrown in with the car when my dad purchased it those years ago (even have the original 40 year old rubber on!).

Obviously, they need refurbishing, but I found yesterday that one of the wheels has had the stud holes widened - presumably by the previous owner to use on another car?! What a plonker!

I was therefore wondering on all your opinions on what to do about this. I know that it is possible to fill the elongated stud holes with weld and re-drill, but I am very conscious of what the heat required to do this would do to the structural integrity of the wheel etc.

Do you guys have any ideas on what to do? Am I better off trying to buy a second hand single wheel to replace the damaged one? If so, anyone have any idea where I could look? I don't want to buy a brand new replica etc unless I have to, to avoid mismatches with the other 3 perfectly good wheels when they are refurbished.

Thanks in advance, love the forum already!!
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I don't really see us as owning these cars. We are their custodians. That in mind, i'm very slow to modify anything if we have "survivor" examples.

Have you ever driven this car?

What is the condition of the spare wheel?
I'd never hyjack a thread :rolleyes:,

But while we have your attention, i'd love to have a proper vintage analog radio such as Loki's for our Europa. Anyone have one or a source?
Very good point. Ours has a "fake" one that's sorta similar, as she is a clone originally Ford Tawny color.
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