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I posted this in the Esprit forum since I'm primarilly interested in a 2002 V8 Esprit.
Posting here also to get additional feedback.
Mod's sorry if cross-posting is a no-no, feel free to delete if required.

Please let me take a bit of your time for introductions.
I’m a 50+ year old guy that amongst other things has a passion for cars, or more accurately for beautiful, functional machines. IMO the MY 2002 – 2004 V8 Esprits certainly qualify in spades.

Recent circumstances present me with an opportunity to buy a 2002 from a local who is the original owner and seems to have “cherished” AND regularly driven his car.

Of course I have a bunch of questions before making the leap.

For reference I currently drive / AX / participate in DE’s with my very sweet 1996 Porsche 4S (993).
I’m a competent driver, but not a racer. I’m an instructor with the local club for both AX and DE, but to tell you the truth I enjoy washing / polishing / staring at a beautiful car as much as I do driving it.

I’m also a very capable wrench and do all my own maintenance up to and including engine drops and clutch assembly R&R.

The 993 is an “occasional driver”, as would be the Esprit. Daily driving is handled via biciclette or Audi Avant. The 993 is a relatively visceral car with great looks, sounds, handling and braking along with adequate acceleration. It is on the flat end of the depreciation curve and may actually be appreciating a bit.

I expect the Esprit would likely have better acceleration, braking and handling and also has great looks. Not too worried about Appreciation / Depreciation but I assume Esprits are not “appreciating”.

Please feel free to comment on some of my fears regarding selling the 993 and buying the Esprit, (don’t have $$$ or space to keep both), include;
1. The Esprit is different and not well understood by me, ‘course so was the 993 initially, but the San Diego Porsche community is large, knowledgeable and welcoming <mostly>. A Pcar focused internet forum, RennList, has been a hugely beneficial resource and I’m hoping this forum and others will prove helpful?

2. The air-cooled 911 sounds
great to my ears. I read on Lotus EFF where the V8 Esprit sounds like 2 sewing machines? <grin> I know turbo cars typically don’t sound as raw as NA cars, but I assume there are some muffler mods if I choose to add a bit more sound?

3. I’m not a go-to-the-dealer kind-of-guy. Do online forums and technical manuals provide adequate info to handle all Preventative Maintenance? If not, what PM is typically outside the scope of a home-based wrench who won’t spend big bucks on special tools.

4. Where do you buy PM parts? Is there a non-dealer network parts supplier?

5. I really enjoy getting up early, loading a bicycle into the 911, (have to remove passenger seat), and ride in the hills, then repeat the same route in the car. I don’t see much chance of putting a bike in an Esprit and can’t imagine putting on a roof rack. Sacrilege?

I’ll keep reading this forum, Esprit Facts File and will join the yahoo groups turbo esprit community to lurk and learn. Where else should I go to read “stuff”?

Thanks for your time to read and reply.

Sorry to make this seem so clinical, I’m just trying to get involved with the community.

If you need any help with your 993, feel free to ask!




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wooow... i love the 993s. my favorite Porsche
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