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New Member with 98 Esprit V8

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I just wanted to introduce myself and my ride. I live in Pittsburgh and have a 1998 Esprit V8 in Black/Tan. I am a regular at our local track on open track days. i am a 25 year old investment broker and this is my first Lotus. I also own a Ferrari Testarossa.

I absolutely love my Esprit. It is the ideal track car that I can drive on the street as well. I am exceptionally fortunate to have finally realized my dream of owning and racing/driving my two favorite hotwheels cars as an adult.
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...nice car - welcome aboard!..
if you are tracking that car, i would look into a larger radiator.
Welcome from a fellow Yinz'er. That's a great looking car. Beaver Run is a fun track too. I can't wait til they build the south track, did you ever see their plans for that? Reminds me of Leguna Seca with all the elevation changes and corners.
Beautiful car! Welcome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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