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New Motor + REV300 Coming Soon!!!

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Hi guys,

Well, it took a month, but I finally got everything sorted out with Jaime at EuroMotorcar Lotus today. Lotus is picking up the cost of a brand new motor, and while we're in there Jaime is going to install a new clutch, radiator, and REV300. The installation is being done by the dealership with a one year warranty, so it's about as close to a 'factory install' (with REV300 power) as I could ask.

Thanks to the guys that gave me advise (both on the forum and via PM) regarding the pro's and con's of the different supercharger options available. I'm really happy with the final decision and can't wait to get the car, although that is going to be about two weeks. I'll share photo's of the car (which also geo some new CF bits, interior etc.) as soon as it's back in my hands.
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You'll love your 'new' car! Nice!

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You will love it! Although i would argue that a factory install of a REV300 can only occur at BOE.
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