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Hi Folks,

My buddy, Dave Levy, of Ticycles/Cedar Ridge Fabrication -- he's the guy who fabricated my two-piece brake rotors (which are now being beaten on regularly by a dozen or more Elise/Exige owners) and my sub-strap bar, among other parts -- has two surplus sets of front Pagid RS-14 and one set of rear Pagid RS-14 pads in stock Lotus sizes that he wants to unload.

They are, of course, new in the box from Pagid. He'll match the Sector111 price but will throw in free shipping, so you'll save some bucks. And you'll support a local business and someone who's supported the car-community for the past decade. How cool is that?

If you need some pads -- the RS-14 pads are great (this is my fourth season of using them, and I love them) -- you can contact Dave at [email protected].

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