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New Photos of my 06 Elise with wheels blacked out

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New tires and blacked out rims.


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Love the black on black on black.....looks really good! You should consider a black powder coated diffuser and fuel door.

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How hard is it to remove the PlastiDip from wheels? It might be fun to switch my silver LSS wheels to a darker gunmetal color...

How do you mask the wheels? Curved surface masking is kind of a b!tc#.

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Now, how hard is it to remove the dip, especially from between the spokes of LSS wheels?
It is not hard at all to remove, I messed one wheel up (got a couple of drips) and was able to peel right off. Good tip on the use of the cards but you can spray the tire and peel the stuff off. Also use a large trash bag behind the rim to protect hub and brake parts. You don't need to remove the wheel. As far as durability, I feel it will last, more importantly, it gives a layer of protection to the wheel. Also- touch up is quite easy if chips, just spray chipped area!

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Ordered my Gloss black plastidip a week ago... Should be here tomorrow. How hard was it to apply and how long to feel comfortable with it? How long did it take?

I've never done anything like this so it'll be new for be but I'm sure I'll have a blast doing it!
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