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:wave: Hi all. I am a newb here and have choosen the Elise as my next car to replace the 330i which will have given way to some SUV by delivery date I'm sure.

Question, I have been in touch with the Los Gatos Dealer, (I believe you guys refer to them as SVAG).

Anywho they said $2,000 to be number 156 on the list, purchased at MSRP. One guy told me 12-15 month wait, the other said 16-20 month wait. The wait is not too big of an issue (as long as I can get my deposit back should I change my mind), but is it even worth going on a list if I'm so far out? Will there always be a list?

I've also heard there will be some changes on the 2006 model to comply with DOT standards. Should I wait for that list?

Thanks for the help guys. (or maybe you know of a better dealer in CA). I'm located in Fresno CA so all dealers are relatively far from me.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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