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Just don't place too much faith in any delivery estimate they give you - realize that they're at the mercy of Lotus for getting that info, and they're generally not getting it. I was told my car would be here in June, it's still not here and I have no word on when it'll arrive. I don't blame SVAG, it's just how Lotus works.

Congrats though. I've been really happy with SVAG, they seem like a class act. Remember, your deposit there is fully refundable (by law), so if you come across a shorter list you can always switch. Also, keep an eye on this message board for rumors of any new Lotus dealers opening up - if/when that happens, and you want a car soon, get on that list asap.

EDIT - when I saw shorter list, what I really mean is, earlier delivery date. Since different dealers get different numbers of cars, a longer list at one dealer may result in you getting a car sooner than being on a shorter list at another dealer.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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