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As many of you know we build and rebuild transmissions for the Elise and Exige. We build for the world challenge cars as well as NASA and SCCA Champions. One problem we've seen on these cars at the track is breakage of the 5/6 shift fork. The 5/6 fork is unique in that it has little plastic pads on it. These pads wear, melt, or break. When that happens the car won't shift easily or at all into 5th or 6th. Then that causes wear on 5th, 6th, and the selector ring. We've tried replacing the plastic with other materials but it still had wear issues. The last problem is the holes for the pads create a weak spot.

We've seen many of these forks broken off at one of those holes. The fix is to do what race gearboxes have always done, CNC a fork out of chromoly steel.

We've tested this on many hard laps with fast drivers and they absolutely nail this problem. We did a limited run of them. You can find them HERE:


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