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I did the same service when I got my car last year.

Bleeding the coolant after it's refilled is pretty annoying - a vacuum-fill coolant system ("airlift") will help a lot if you have one available to you.

Bleed the clutch before the brakes as it's the most distant extreme of the hydraulic system, then bleed the brakes in the normal order (farthest from cylinder to closest).

Transmission is easy as can be and the air filter is fiddly but straightforward as well. Be sure you have the filter lined up the right way or you'll spend a long time wondering why your airbox won't close.

I inspected my belt and opted to keep the stock one. The belt code is 060663 - options all the way from the $20 range to a $70 super-fancy Gates belt that people seem to like (check out this post The tensioner is the silly "fake bolt" kind and they strip or break easily, so use a good 19mm 6-point socket and turn carefully.
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