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ReVerie CF Wing for your 2010+ Exige! This new wing is a replacement for the 2010+ Exige wing but made to same high standards of all ReVerie wings. Adjustable for added downforce.

More Down Force = Better Grip and Control

-225mm chord

Less Turbulence = Greater Efficiency

-Less turbulence than stock.
-Thin trailing edge results in less drag and turbulence.
-Compare the turbulence created by the stock wing to the lack thereof in ReVerie wing in the wind tunnel testing footage.

Lightweight yet Strong

-Autoclaved internal carbon stringers.
-Result in very high stiffness to weight ratio.
-See Product Reference.
-Pre-Preg, autoclaved dry laid carbon fiber material.
-More stable and rigid than stock.

Exige 2010 Motorsport Rear Wing

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