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New Seats finally installed

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Thanks to Smitty, I have a new pair of Tillet seats installed!

I was pretty unhappy with the OE seats. My back would begin to hurt after about a 20 minute ride. So, I started looking at my options. After much debate, I decided on the Tillets and couldn't be more happy.

They really hug you and keep movement to a minimum. The construction is quite nice and the seat/back/head material looks to be of good quality. Ironically, there is less cushion to these seats, but they are 100 times more comfortable. I can drive around all day without even a hint of back twitch.

The installation process, for me, was rather tiring and tedious. Tedious in that I ended up removing and installing the passengers seat at least 50 times to get the shimming correct. It all had to do with the seat rail holes not lining up with the mounting points in the floor. From what I understand, and after talking to other members, this issue is unique to my vehicle.

The long and the short of it is that I ended up slightly modifying the rail, which instantly resolved the issue.

The drivers seat went in quite easily. I only had to pull it once.
All in all, it took me an entire weekend to get the seats installed. Well worth the effort.

Thanks again to Smitty, who was there for me at every turn. If I can be of assistance to anyone who might purchase these seats in the future, feel free to shoot me a PM.


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i like those seats, i have never seen anyone else with them, are they any lighter then the stock seats?
Those seats look great!
Very nice!
I like the Lotus Sport mats as well. Have some on order, with the long passenger side version, so I can remove the silly foot rest...
Sweet! I like them a lot. I was thinking of going with the same seats but I to have the Biscuit interior. How do you like having the black seats with biscuit door panels?
are they any lighter then the stock seats?
I forgot to weigh them but, after you add the rails, I'm guessing they are slightly more heavy. Probably not by very much though.

How do you like having the black seats with biscuit door panels?
I was concerned about it at first, but it's actually a decent accent to the seats. Some day I might switch to C/F, but for now I'm happy.

Smitty also has anti-sub bars for sale, which I installed.
Thoughts on lateral side support? Leg support? Waist size?
This is a tough one to answer. Everyone has a different body shape, so what might be perfect for me, may not be so for you.

I'm 5'11, 165Lbs, with a waist of around 29" (athletic body type). Lateral movement is minimal for me. First time passengers in my car mention that "The seats really hug you".

With the OE seats, I always felt as if I were sitting 'on top' of them. With the new seats, it's like I'm being cradled and sitting 'in' them. I find the hip and thigh bolsters to be adequate.

Height of the front and rear of the seats can be adjusted (not on the fly though).

One thing I would change: To my knowledge, the seat pads are not removable. If I had my druthers, they would be for cleaning purposes.
Thanks. The problem I find with the stock seats is that I think the do not offer enough support and I find myself bracing the console with my knees and leaning over in the corners. I am 6', 170, and a waist of around 31" so your measurements are not too far off.

It would be great if there were a pair around Los Angeles that I could try out. I might just have to bite the bullet and buy one. The shape looks like a good compromise for still driving on the street but offering better support when needed.
As I look at the side support around the rib cage, I was wondering if your tricep and/or elbow hit against this bolstering while turning the wheel. My previous CLK320 had seats where the side bolsters limited the movement of my arm as I turned the wheel (thus, I had to complete the turn with one hand).

I also wish someone in SoCal has a set installed.
Those look f-ing good.
I was wondering if your tricep and/or elbow hit against this bolstering while turning the wheel.
I've never thought about this, so I must not have a problem.
Wow, very cool
Did you get the seat rail adapters for the drivers seat so you can slide the seat forward and back on stock rails? Agree I am thinking the B5 seats are the ticket for me.
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