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New So Cal dealer..

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From the official forums-

Desert European Motorcars, CA

Affiliated with Newport European Lotus.

They may or may not be asking a premium. They may or may not have a much shorter waiting list.
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My understanding is that there will be a premium... $2,500 just like Newport European.

Now this part is complete rumor... so I can't verify it. But I understand that their wait-list is somewhere in the low "teens."

the $2500 premium is not verified yet? For either dealer? Who's list is in the teens? Are both dealers sharing the allotments, or are both separate entities?

I wrote to Newport today and they don't know still how many cars they are getting or what their ordering schedule is. They'll be getting demo cars in May.
The latest for both dealerships (Desert European and Newport European) is that there will be a $2,500 premium. Deposits are $1,500.

I haven't spoken to anyone at Desert European, but from what I've heard (but it's unconfirmed), Desert European has a wait list somewhere in the mid-to-high "teens" for the Elise. They are a new Lotus dealership and as I understand it, they haven't received allotment information. Newport European doesn't expect to share their allotment with Desert European.

As you've probably gathered from reading this forum, not much is "set in stone" yet, so I would expect things to change over time. But I'm posting what I've heard hearsay.

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