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Been getting anxious to replace the Alpine stereo head unit that was included in my '05 Elise and was planning on getting the Sony XAV-AX100, after doing some research of single dins
with Android Auto on a permanent 6"+ screen.
But noticed Sony apparently putting out a proper update of the AX1000 (supposedly newer update of the AX100, pretty much same thing), only the AX7000 is estimated Summer 2019.

More interested in getting Android Auto for day trips, run Waze, other Android stuffs. Seemed more of a plus to get a unit that boots quicker and has better amplifier specs (lesser gain considering top off and engine noise).
Sony Electronics Introduces XAV-AX7000 Car AV Receiver with Smartphone Connectivity and High-power Sound

Curious to see if the community has come across any better alternatives for a Single Din or stereo replacement project with Android Auto capabilities before starting my wait.
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