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New soon (I hope) to be owner accross the pond Exige V6 / Evora S exhaust ideas

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Kristof from Belgium here. I've put a deposit down in March for an Exige S (V6). I've read that the regular Exige V6 is not (yet) coming to the US...?

Anyhow, very much enjoying your forum!

Car should be delivered in July (...) but already looking into exhaust options.

Looking at Larini valved exhaust; Plack (or custom straight through) and others.

As Belgian law is VERY strict on aftermarket parts, I'm considering to TRY to get a spare OEM back box and do some cutting/welding to increase the growl.

Here is a pic of the innards of the OEM box (courtesy of Jim - 2bular).
Exige V6. Evora S is similar:

I guess my account doesn't yet allow me to post in the classifieds, but if anyone has a spare OEM Evora S (MY >=11, must have the valve) box; please do contact me if you want to sell. Just need to look into shipping costs :facepalm.

Now, continuing to count the days :eek:

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