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Hey all,

I purchased a lotus elise from 2000 (mk1, s1 version with rover engine)

I just came back from a little trip and the last 5 minutes of the trip when being in second gear the lotus elise feels less powerful, when i for example press the gas pedal it doesn't go as fast as it used to.

When that happened i stepped out the car looked at the engine and didn't saw anything that wasn't there before. The little engine was moving around quite a bit, but i guessed that is normal (i never looked at a running engine from a elise, my bmw z4 engine doesn't move at all ).

But then i heard that the car was also producing another noise i used to hear out of the two tail pipes, i looked in it from behind and saw that a small open cone was missing from one of the pipe. It was making a big whoomp whoomp, whoomp noise. Can the little cone be blown out while i was racing along a very bumpy road?

I was wondering can the missing little cone be the source of the sudden loss of power?

Thanks for the help. :wave:
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