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Hi everyone,

I am new and have looked at some varying sports cars including the Lotus. most of them would be either new or under warranty but I figured why not Lotus - because of the toyota powertrain.

but I have some lingering concerns. I have seen some little quirks not counting rattles, etc

for example:

oil line recall
cam lobe wiping

etc. are these cheap to fix? would the recall be free since its a recall?

there is a wealth of information but I was kind of concerned if for some reason the engine went, how much would it cost to fix? Aren't the parts (2ZZ engine, transmission) like $1500-2000 each? or is it like a ton more? would it require $10k of labor to fix? can a regular Matrix/Corolla engine be used? (not meaning to foreshadow a huge issue, but trying to cover all my bases). That's why I wanted a warranty on most other cars I've been looking at.

I am not much of a DIYer - i have a parking garage not a single car so no access to a lift or tools anyway. I am in NJ so I am close to a couple good places: RS motorsports, the summit dealership is like 10 min away and this one i found William Thomas Roadsters, LLC. I've researched the scheduled maintenance.

How is it to drive, mainly the manual transmission? is the clutch easy to use (have a few years experience with a econobox and a corvette)? what about the shifter? My main issue with my old C7 was that the 7 gears made it easy to go into the wrong gear or pop out of gear.

Thank you for the replies. BTW I made a similar longish post and it didnt go through for some reason. not sure if it has to be approved
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