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Hello All,
New to the board and want to say hi. I just landed an 06 Elise (cHili red) with a sport pack.

I jumped in thinking this would be a nice litle toy, but have to say this thing is legit. Guess I'm getting what you knew all along.

My old lotus experience (73 Europa) sorta curbed my desire when the battery flew out of the right side body work, but found myself unable to shake the thought of owning an Elise for the past 3 years.

Anyway, I lifted a nice unmolested car with < 2k miles and find I have an svelte little driver. However, I do have a a couple of questions.

I had the car on the rack and noticed the right rear wheel was showing more (-) camber than the rest of the car.
I used the old technique (level and caliper) to measure and found all wheels in spec. but the right rear. I pulled the wheel and all looks proper. No prob, I called every dealer in TX and found nobody stocks the 1 mm shim??

Next, I loaded my wife in the drivers seat, and re-checked. As expected, negative camber incresed on the drivers side. Now both rears are out of spec.

I figure I can just pull a shim for the LHS and put it in the right? Anyone with a similar experince? Is the geometry set up for RHD, i.e. a common problem? It seems switching the shim from right to left will work. A .25 degree chang on both sides will bring this into spec. Is this why no one stocks the shim? The downside is now my wife wants to drive the car, *@it.

2nd question, the car has a stage 2 exhaust and farts pretty good when I get outa the gas. Checked all the exhaust fittings and found them tight. It doesn't seem to be sucking air. Is this normal or a mystry only to me.

I appologize in advance if this stuff has been covered before. I really appreciate the knowledge on this board!!

:coolnana: 2004 996 Porsche Carrera, 2005 Superformance Cobra MkIII with a 427 Roush (for sale), 2007 Mazda3, 2002 Dodge Dakota 4X4.

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Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( For being a newbie with some sensible questions !! ) They'll get answered
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