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Two days ago i drove from Tulsa OK to LA, CA in a 250,000 mile camry with a sick dog for 3 reasons: to help my wife, to go to school, and to buy a Lotus. after the greuling 24-hour drive i quickly unpacked, dropped the dog off, and whisked my wife away to the nearest dealer with a lotus on the lot. the gentleman at silverstar talked at length about the car, and then tossed me the keys to a 2008 Elise S and told me to have it back in an hour.

as i'm sure you all know, i was hooked.

since then i have visited every dealership with a lotus from thousand oaks to anaheim to newport beach. i have driven everything from a VERY used 2006 base model to a brand new S model, and tonight, i'll be trying the only thing i have to try before i pull the trigger: the EXIGE.

in a very short time, i'll be meeting you all for sunday drives.
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