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New to Pacific Northwest...couple of questions

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Just moved from Wisconsin to Washington and wanted to know if Park Place Ltd. is the place to go for the Elise. I'm hoping to swing down there sometime soon and check out their inventory and was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Elise. Anyone know if or when they will have an Elise? Also, I checked out their site and I see they have a 2000 Elise for the U.S. Elise practically the same car?
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The one they have for sale is a S1 track car - not legal for street use.

The good news is that they have a pre-production fed car right now on the showroom floor. Silver with red leather from the LA auto show. You can't drive it but you can sit in it/check it out. The bad news is that they have 130 or so deposits so you won't be getting your car for over a year if not longer if you put a deposit down now. I am sure they will have some people drop off when the cars get here and you can pick one up early if you want to pay way above MSRP.
This car, the 2000 model on their site, is an S1. Different body style, different motor, different just about everything but size.

There's a silver Federal Elise that's been hitting a lot of events here in the NW in the past week or two. I believe that Edelman will have it at the vintage races at Pacific Raceways over the July 4th weekend. It might also spend some time at Park Place too, I don't really know.
might suggest contacting some of the guys in Evergreen Lotus Car Club. I'm sure they're familiar with Park Place and their practices.

Dave Billings, Alan Perry & Andre are great folks!
The car will be in SEA at the Historic Races over July 4th then back to Portland for our Historics.

PP was taking refundable $1000 deposits at the CART race so I guess there is no harm in putting your money down since you can always get it back if you decide to buy elsewhere.
Edelman said:
The car will be in SEA at the Historic Races over July 4th
I'll be at PR for the races, but my wife has forbidden me to look at the Elise. It seems she thinks I have a 'problem' and that I am 'obsessed'. I do not know what she means.

I do know that if my boss asks me ONE MORE TIME when my car will be here, there's going to be a beat-down.
Edelman said:
The car will be in SEA at the Historic Races over July 4th
Can anyone tell me where SEA is? I will be visiting friends over the 4th holiday in the Seattle area and that sounds interesting!

SIR (Seattle Int'l Raceway / Pacific Raceways) is just outside of Kent (sort of SEast from SeaTac airport), off hwy 18
Just so you guys know - the car is at the dealership right now - it will be there until the historics on the 3rd and then back down to Portland the week after.

Edelman, I think you guys left some stuff in the trunk! They were just bringing it in when I got there this afternoon and there was a couple of boxes in the trunk.
Thanks for the info guys! Time wise, I am a ways off from buying an Elise (have an 03 RSX Type-S, new move....most importantly no job because of the move and bar exam) but, I am looking towards the future, which sounds like the only possibility at this point.

I notice that they rent the Elise for a decent chunk of change and I'm wondering what that would be if all they have is the 2000 Elise that is not street legal. It would be fun though to rent one and at least get a feel for one.

Oh yeah, any attorneys in the area on here...if so, need an associate?
Talking to the owner of Park Place yesterday - they are getting 2 initial cars in - one is the demo and one is the first customer car - which isn't a customer car at all - they are sending it to their "rental division". So this is good if you want to rent a car for a day - really shitty if you are a Park Place customer, because we probably all just dropped one more spot...

That stuff was supposed to be there. Ryan from PP promised to be take good care of it as it includes the handouts for the raffle and some raffle tickets.

PP is going to be hawking the raffle at the Historics for us.

so for a couple hundred bucks or so i can drive a fed elise for 24 hours??? oh man oh man tell me there is not a mileage surcharge and i just may reserve a flight and the car. a run up ranier national park would make a wonderful test drive
That is pretty cheap if someone wanted to try out the car. $349 for a weekday.
yeah I didn't think the prices were that bad - unfortunately that should be a customer car that Park Place is keeping.
All Sports Cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, and Luxury Cars are allowed 75 free miles per day and additional miles cost $0.49 each,
Once you figure driving to and from the track, that's not a lot of laps. :)
If Park Place takes the "rental" from one of the spots "vacated" by a previous deposit holder, no problem.

I seem to recall though that #1 on the list never dropped off (unless it was in the last couple months) so, if Park Place is just pushing people down another notch, this is a bad sign from them. In this case, at the least, #1 gets shafted, at worst, they push the whole list down.

Since Kiyoshi dragged me into this ...

If you have been to the 4th of July vintage races at SIR/Pacific Raceways the last few years, you would have seen my green 97 Elise in the Lotus area in the Corral (well, only if you were there on Saturday). I will have it out again this year.

I am also newsletter editor for the Evergreen Lotus Car Club.

While I personally don't have bad things to say about Park Place, some of our members do. I am not badmouthing PP; just indicating what I been told. (And, being newsletter editor for the local club, I get a lot of stories and opinions run past me.)

Then again, PP is the only game in town for new Elises, so if you want one, you either have to deal with them or get one from far, far away.

Good Morning Guys,

Steve, Yes, the Raffle Sheets are with us! All you guys on the forum should get in and put your money down for the Montessori School of Beaverton Raffle. My own kids attended Montessori and this is a GREAT Cause. Don't be shy.

Attymike, Feel free to contact me or David Bruski if we can help.

The Elise will be at the Historics this weekend. Another worthwhile event for us all to attend.

email or contact me directly, I will call you back if I am not available when you call.

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