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Come on, you can do a better intro than that! Where's the effort? Where are the pics? Congrats on joining the club and welcome to the forums! :)

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Note to new Elise & Exige Owners:

1. These cars have large (i.e. dangerous) blind spots. Multivex mirrors are NLA, but RLS (Really Light Stuff) offers very good tape-on replacements.

2. The horns are way too weak (quiet). There’s an inverse relationship: smaller the car, louder the horn needs to be.

Get something such as a Stebel Nautilus.

Stock: “Excuse me”

Stebel: “HONK! LOOK OUT!”

Remove the stock horn; replace with louder.

(I drive with my finger on the horn button in any traffic. Iffy situations, my headlights are on.

Stay to the left of traffic, i.e. avoid passing on the right if you can.

Stop way behind trucks, SUVs, etc. Some have blindspots >50’. )

3. The early cars came with misaimed and dim headlights. If you drive at night, convert to HIDs. While better than stock halogen bulbs are available, HIDs throw more light. Stay around 5000k.

4. Ensure your car has had the work required by the recall for oil line fittings done. You could lose an engine and/or spin in your own oil.

5. The best transmission lube I’ve found is Redline MT-90 plus a little Power Punch Extreme Gear Oil Additive. (Note that it takes two changes to get rid of the previous lube.)

a) Early cars have wobbly shift towers. Look up Stan’s Mod (bolt and spacer; and

And, use:
Re-Enforcer long thru bolts that terminate under car and tie down the tower:

These (lube, mods) make a huge change in shifting.

6. As per some engine builders on these sites, wait AT LEAST 20 minutes after coolant has reached full operating temp before engaging cam switchover.

For street cars, consider removing one or both oil coolers. Some cover them.

7. Rear toe-links can loosen and break with disastrous results. You can check tq periodically, or use Nordlock washers. Best is conversion to better engineered brace, such as BOE’s InoKinetic’s for two examples.

8. While under the car with panel off, look around for hoses and wires chafing their way to failure. That’s how this was found:

9. The stock radiators are prone to leaking where the end caps meet the metal part. Keep an eye on this. Most of us use single-pass all-aluminum radiators.

10. When your wheel well liner comes loose, skip the lame plastic rivet and use Well-Nuts instead.

11. Life will be better if you disable the auto-arming alarm function on the earlier cars. You won’t have to press a button to start the car. Instructions:

12. These cars cannot be left off a Battery Tender for weeks at a time. Unless dead batteries are a particular joy of yours. Buy one right away. There are numerous threads here about which ppl use and like.

13, Some on this site are a bit obsessed with hockey pucks for lifting the car. Don’t use these. Too hard and slippery, generally, and too small a surface area. Use a piece of wood, as your hero does.

14. Visit the Uber Thread

15. Most parts on the car are made by Toyota and others, so buying things like a/c compressors, engine parts, etc. is wildly expensive when purchased thru Lotus.
Toyota dealers, auto parts stores are way less expensive.

16. The soft high-grip tires on most of our cars lose much of that grip when temperatures drop below 50 F. I know of too many ppl who spun their cars when not remembering this. I use hi-performance all-seasons.

Note that many summer tires cannot even be stored in temps below 20 F.


Plus, “How to bleed brakes”:

How to Search:

For future reference: Don't use the search on this site. Simply use Google and end the search text with "". E.g.
Transmission Fluid change what bolt no space betw

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Love the stripes and of course the BRG. Congratulations. Took mine out for the first ride of the season today. Going to Lime Rock next weekend for the Car Control Clinic.

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Love your car! I waited 9 months for a 60th anniversary edition to become available. I finally got one this past August. I love the 60th edition because it comes with Sport/Touring/Track packages, a super charger, and the Exige seats with the the logo stitched into the headrest. Absolutely the best Elise you get get if you ask for my biased opinion. :) Everybody has different opinion about modifications but here's what I did to mine:

1) New aluminum radiator
2) Inokinetic ShifterR (naked so you can see the mechanism) and new cables.
3) Inokinetic pedals for easier heel/toe.
4) Two-piece Ultradisc rotors
5) SonicFury exhaust (less drone than Larini and awesome sound)
6) MWR Lift Point Kit (to easily lift Elise with 4-point lift)
7) New engine mounts to improve shifting
8) Stainless steel brake lines
9) Harness bar and Schroth 4-point belts (in silver to match silver stripes on car).
10) Nano ceramic coating to entire exterior paint.


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