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Hey All,
Firstly, I'm very impressed with the Lotus community and the support given. I've been reading through the forums to learn the in's and out's of the Lotus brand and have been impressed with the general enthusiasm and willingness to assist others.

Coming from the Bimmer world of cars. Raced some 24hrs of Lemons, Chump Car, and WRL racing leagues. Enjoyed the heck out of the building, prepping, and racing for quite a while and then got burned out. Looking to get a decent fun car and toying between an Elise, Exige or even an Evora. Learning curve is steep but the Lotustalk community really helps to get immersed. I'm also a motorcycle "adventure" rider. Ride 50/50 dirt/slab on my BMW R1250GS and BMW F800GS. Put about 18-25K per year on them. I'm in Colorado and ride year round. A Lotus would be a blast on many of the tarmac roads I ride.

Look forward to learning more and possibly meeting some folks over the coming years.
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