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Hi all,

I recently found a 91 M100 abut an hour and a half away from me.

the owner is asking $4500 for it, because it needs a driver side glass panel, headlight bracket "thingy" as he put it, and a turn signal light.

He claims it has 16k miles and is in solid shape, just needs some TLC. The hood and front bumper are off of it right now, along with the driver side interior door panel.

I'm very interested in the car and will most likely pick it up.

Where is the cheapest place to buy parts from?

How reliable is the car?

I know its the same engine as a Gemini but not sure of the reliability of those either.
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Welcome. If that is all that is wrong with it that sounds like a good deal, but I would
look it over real good because more than likely there is more.
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