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So I must be a British cars kind of a guy, and am proceeding forward (in my twisted mind) toward a Lotus. My first car at age 18 was a 1970 Mini 1000cc. Along the way I had a 1973 spitfire, and now am on my 4th leased Jaguar (XJ this one). My last sports/play car was a 2000 Honda S2000 which I enjoyed for 8 years from new. So time for a Lotus of course, and Iv'e been lurking around the forum for a while.
I test drove the Evora 400 6-speed and loved it, but too rich for just what essentially would be a play car.

Is there a community member from LI that might allow me a short test drive of his/her Elise?

I would look to buy a SC one probably.
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