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Newbie question: Exige...

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Who may point me to past discussions and/or links, or whatever else that outlines the specific differences between an Elise and an Exige? I've downloaded brochures from the Lotus Cars website, but they only list the basic specs and it seems to me, there's nothing really different between the two.

So is it simply a tart'ed-out Elise with fancy bodywork, or is there something special underneath?

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In the S2 Exige, the only difference is fastback styling and I believe LSS standard? Not exactly sure. It's rumored that Lotus is working on a supercharged version for the US though. Probably won't make it here until the S3 comes out though. :(
but wont that car have to be re deisgned just like the current elise for the u.s..? wont that car be bigger and heavier too? might it look a lot like the redisnged elise??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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