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I have acquired for a short period of time (probably the summer) a S1 Elise,
The VIN has the number 98 on its own but amongst all the other numbers so I assume that is the year of manufacture.

The guy who owns it is a good friend of mine and he has had it for some years were due to a back injury he can now not get in or out. He doesn’t particularly want to sell it but there is no point in keeping it.
First thing therefore is to ask whether anyone knows of a gullwing type roof, because he can get in and out with no hood and no sidebars on

It is only done 18,000 miles and has been standing for a long time probably between five years and seven years.

It last turned a wheel 2 ½ years ago when it had new fuel.

It needed a new battery as you might expect and the brakes were not seized which you might not expect and the motor sounds sweet.

It actually started first turn of the key after all that time. Fitting the battery is an “interesting” task particularly after dealing with all the cars that are usually deal with (I am not a mechanic, just hobby mechanic) where the battery is extremely accessible

The windscreen wiper had disintegrated and I discovered that a new blade will not quite fit in the plastic receptacle on the end of the arm but after a little bit of jiggery-pokery it was sorted.

The car had an interesting variety of fauna growing over it and in it and in the radiator but half an hour with the pressure washer has resolved that.

All the fluids are obviously going to need changing, oil, hydraulics and coolant and I am currently waiting for a manual to arrive.

The car starts easily and runs nicely although there is a little bit of a tiny tiny tiny misfire when ticking over. It may disappear when everything has been warm for a while and the car has been driven. I’m not too bothered about that at the moment.

And this brings me onto my next question:

However the sidelights, headlights and rear fog light and indicators don’t work.
It is also not charging,
or at least, I assume that it is not and that is what the red light is with a battery on The hazard warning lights work even though the indicator flashers do not.

I can’t help feeling that the lack of charging, headlights etc not working is down to a relay or a fuse but until I have a wiring diagram and manual in front of me, it is difficult for me to see what is what

I wasn’t too enthusiastic under the bonnet and engine cover with the pressure washer and did try to avoid electrics as far as possible.

I want to get it tested, which I can do if it is not charging but not if there are no lights!

I apologise for asking such a basic question but I am new to this forum and new to the car. Any help is therefore greatly appreciated.

At some stage I will remove the front and rear clamshells and give the brake calipers and bleeding nipples a freeing off obviously when I change the brake fluid and coolant. It’ll be a good idea to look to make sure that everything is in good order.

Is there anything else that I should be looking at does anyone think after a long layup?


N Wales

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Electrical woes

SELOC Forums

Tons of threads like this:
SELOC Forums

Call Yvo at EliseShop and get an alternator and numbus.

It is easier to get in and out with the top off. With a cloth top, one side can be folded back which is easy as well.

Thank you for the name of Elise Shop. Although they would appear to be very well known, as you appreciate I am completely new and still finding my way around.

I am reluctant to spend out on a new alternator until I actually know that this one is fried and I don't particularly cherish the thought of having to take the rear clam off but I guess that once you have done that, and you know where everything is it becomes easy.

My friend with the bad back can get in and out with the roof off.

With the cloth top on you can't fold one side back because it won't detach from the windscreen or the back to allow it to be folded back part way and even then the big side rail is still in place.

Numbus? What is that or am I being stupid?

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Do your homework.
Call them... Or email them.. Or get onto SELOC...
There are plenty of ways to diagnose your alternator issues.
Nimbus was mentioned in many of the SELOC links, which I provided an example of.
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