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Hi guys,

UK owner - 4th Lotus and this ones a modded Exige.

I currently have the 2010 GT4 wing on the car (having swapped the original 05 black wing) but am toying with the idea of upgrading to an APR wing. This seems an uncommon choice in the UK.

My concern is about mounting this directly to the clam. The GT4 wing, to be fair, is mounted to the clam and held underneath using a spreader bar across the 2 bolts. So far thats proved good enough up to 135mph so perhaps my fears are unfounded...

However, looking at many of the larger wings they run plates inside the boot to allow mounting directly to the subframe. I assume the APR wing doesnt use these and therefore all pressure is put onto the clam itself. Has anyone had any disasters with this causing the clam to fracture?

Thanks in advance...
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