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The Elise/Exige, being much more of a specialty car than an S2000, is going to be more expensive to maintain/repair (sometimes, very significantly more expensive:mad:). Plenty of people do the basic maintenance (oil etc.) themselves, and if you're a good mechanic you can do quite a bit yourself, with the proper manuals, tools etc. Although I'm an advocate of letting a skilled mechanic who knows what to look for on these cars, go at it so I know that something has not vibrated loose or is out of spec etc. The trick is finding that really good mechanic.

For very good service and expert work (assuming the car you'd end up with is out of warranty or it's non-warranty work), at a reasonable price, I can recommend South Bay Autohaus in Hawthorne (near Torrance in the south bay, not far off the 405). The location of the shop is 4875 Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, California. Their phone number is 310-355-0922. Great guys !

IIRC, the cars after 2005 came with HID rears. (EDIT: Oops sorry I meant LEDs, not HIDs)
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