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I joined the 1000 club today as well, stats?

I had my car serviced today as well. I took it to Daniel at Boardwalk Lotus after Silicon Valley would not return my phone calls...

I found my own oil at Oil Changers for $3.99 a quart, the book recommended Havoline Synthetic. No problems...

So what are your stats? How long at all the speeds? What are the top revs? I got a copy of the computer dump, and while not extremely detailed, it did have some information.

For example, in the 650 miles I drove it up from Southern California, I did not speed except a couple of times up to about 85 mph. Remember my story about my wife being the first to drive it over 100 mph? Well, I found out she was only up there for a couple of seconds, at least according to the computer.

I also did not have the top revs. That honor goes to someone at the factory. Apparently they rev it up to over 8,000 for some reason, about one hour into the recording.

Interesting stuff.

Now I get to flog the car. But where do I plan on going this weekend? To the British Car Meet, where the car will sit stationary for the MG and Jaguar crowd to envy...(chuckle)

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