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Newport European/Desert Motorsports

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2 days ago i went down to galpin but I wasnt realy happy with them. Ive heard that both newport european and desert motorsports were offering the car at msrp. Which dealer should i go with to get my car the fastest? Ive heard good things about newport european, and i live about a hour away. Thanks for your input.
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Not sure where you heard "msrp". Both Newport Euro and Desert Euro are taking $2500 premiums over MSRP for all cars. They may also have an "MSRP waiting list" that will begin after they can't get premiums any more.

Last I heard, they were not accepting new deposits either, but it probably depends on who you ask. Two weeks ago I was told they had the first 18 months spoken for.

You really are probably better off timewise (and costwise) with Galpin, even unhappy.

Neither NE nor DE has been forthcoming (imho) with order details or delivery dates. It's rumored that both will get a rather small allocation as well. Galpin, serving a larger area with a fancy new showroom, may get more cars than both put together.

As far as I know, DE has received four customer cars so far. Galpin has not yet received any.
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