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Given the wacky weather we've seen recently, yesterday's weather was just about perfect. As always, there were some amazing cars at the CLNW event. SOVREN is running this weekend and there were many nice cars in and around the paddock, running test-and-tune, etc. There were a ton of Elises and Exiges as well, of course...

Here are some pics from the day:

That is a custom-installed Hartley V8 in that Atom. Same local builder as the famed DP1 prototype (also pictured *flying* down the straight just above it).

A few more photos here: Link to Picasa Posting

A very nice day of lapping. The only negative was a single driver in my group with insufficient training on basic driving etiquitte regarding let by behavior. He was pretty strident in stating that just because people would stack up behind him in the twisty bits, that if he was faster in the straights, then he did not need to let them by. And he was SLOW in the turns, unable to hit apex or hold speed through the backside, and then racing on the straights -- his SC'd car going WOT front and back and forcing passers to drag race. Hopefully, Mark was able to get him straightened out. He probably really just needs to get some good training (forced indoctrination) at a BMW or PCA novice class. Otherwise, a fine day at the track with Club Lotus.
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