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Nice Ruby Red Pic

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Think this is called Bordeaux for you guys? (horrible name!)

(yeah its my car ;) )

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Very nice. Any other shots?
Damn, that's hot! You sure that's bordeaux? I may have to reconsider !!!
Well its called ruby red in the uk, but I'm pretty sure its bordeaux for you lot. Its a deep dark metallic red. If you cover it in zymol it almost looks like wet blood (in a sexy way).

None of my other pics are as good I'm afraid (the top one was taken by a friend and is pretty much magazine quality imho). Still here are a few :

First two are driver training on an airfield (ones not my car but the same paint), unfortunately the light is really flat.

This one is coming back from lemans queuing up for the channel tunnel, car is caked in dust though so it looks really dull :(

Anyway sadly I don't have any pics of the car gleaming, I'm not one much for polishing I'm afraid ;)

Its worth noting that you have different coloured daylight (nicer imho) so no shots from the UK are really that useful imho. The lemans one is in france with nicer light than the uk, but the car was sat in a dusty camp site at the track for 4 days so not exactly gleaming.
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Damn, I hate it when my wife is right regarding car things, but she insisted on Bordeaux Red and you know what she is right, I love it!
DanH said:
If you cover it in zymol it almost looks like wet blood (in a sexy way).
Ummm..... ummmmmm.... uhhh.... :eek: wet blood in a sexy way???? :eek:

Is that a TVR Tuscan next to you in the last pic?
Anyone notice - I read the license plate of the blue car next to you in line to go through the tunnel as "BAD ****" - pretty neat!
Thats a cerbera next door. Best thing about lemans is the convoy across france on the way there. Loads of exotics moving at pace and great spirit as its mostly brits. The french are really cool about it though and wave etc :)

If you had a load of sports cars driving through Britain you get locals bitching about the noise & danger and demanding you bugger off...
LOL!! is it me or does taht blue car next to ur elis in the last pic say BAD 54IT!?
I don't think Ruby Red and Bordeaux Red Pearl are the same thing. I've seen BRP in person (and gotten a ride) and noticed that appears darker and less metallic than Ruby Red. BRP is more maroon and Ruby is more, well... ruby. Compare the pic above with this:


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doh! I think you are right =( It looked the same on but doesn't look anything like the pic you showed. Given that its bordeaux red, and that car is more wine coloured I guess we have the answer right there.
I saw an old brochure from the UK for
the 2002 car and ruby is definately not Bordeaux. Bordeaux is this much deeper
shade of red.....just like the wine it is named for.
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