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nice upgrade for my katana II

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Obviously the best upgrade is the TVS rev400 but I wanted to look in to intercooler's first. Lots of posts in 08 out there on "coming soon" but I'm having troubles finding the result. I found a few hits on google about VS making one. I'm looking for a write up on what is best for my Elise ( 07 ) katana II blower. Is there actually an option that fits in the Elise?
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No option to add a intercooler to a Katana. You would have to have custom intakes made for the head and the supercharger.

The Vision Function VF2 is setup like how you are thinking it would be. I couldn't imagine how much it would cost to have everything custom made. Probably much more than the kit itself.

The Rev310 I believe is another MP62 setup with a intercooler and that is setup a bit different.
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