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Hello all,

First off this question is about all the different spring rates the different vendors are offering for the Lotus Elige "Street" package. Some call it "Fast Road" or "Soft" setup. What I'm so amazed with is how different these set-ups are for essentially the same package. :shrug: Why the difference?

I'm trying to compare apples to apples and I'm looking for a set-up to work mostly on the street.

If you look at the three different vendor websites you can see what I'm talking about. In a nutshell the spring rate differences are:

Nitron's website = 400 lbs./front - 475 lbs./rear
Elise Parts = 325 lbs./front - 400 lbs./rear
Sector111 = 450 lbs./front - 600 lbs./rear

Across those three vendors, that's a 28% variance for the front and 21% variance for the rear.

Can anybody answer:
1. Why the difference for the same package?
2. Does anybody know the stock spring rates of the standard cars from the factory?

Any other insight or opinions?


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A Microsoft update ruined the computer that has my primary batch of suspension programs and I am too lazy/involved to calculate by hand at the moment. However, I can tell you that the Sector rates, while roughly the correct front/rear balance, are a soft track setup but a bit on the stiff side for the street (I have several thousand miles on that setup). The other two set ups you mention are in the neighborhood of medium street, very soft track setup, but if you were to drive either on concrete slab surface roads you likely will notice a bothersome/uncomfortable ride motion as the front/rear ratio is too high. If you want to do a little research on this search on Maurice Olley (Olley ratio).
Very interesting read. Thanks for the info on the Olley ratio.
Attached is a link to some of his findings.

If you notice on page 12 (in general terms) his findings are the front should be 30% softer.

Please understand this is for street handling as I have no idea how this translates to track setup.

Using these findings, Lotus sets up there springs almost exactly how Olley recommends.
STK - 200/285 = 30%
LSS - 220/314 = 30%
Exige track pack - 271/371 = 27%

Aftermarket on the other hand is questionable. As you say Formulabob, Sector111 are the closest.
Nitron direct = 400/475 = 15%
Elise Parts = 325/400 = 19%
Sector111 = 450/600 = 25%

I guess there really hasn't been much feedback on how people really think their street set-up is?
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